An apology and an explanation

I made a terrible mistake and decided to start this blog just before I started NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Any time that I could have spent writing pieces for this blog was re-designated to writing my novel to try and hit the ominous 50k target.

Apologies for my long absence.

But, I am glad to say, November is over, I have a shiny (digital) ‘Winner’ badge and I wrote 50,121 words in 28 days. It was an incredible (and incredibly stressful) experience; God knows how I managed to juggle it with my degree and work all at the same time, but I am very glad that I did. I’ve got the beginnings of a story that I’m very proud of having written and I can’t wait to finish it. It was a great personal challenge that I am very happy to have accomplished.

Now that I’ve said my piece, the world of academic writing beckons forth once more, and you guys can expect something from me very soon.

About Rachel Fox

I am currently a PhD candidate at Lancaster University, having completed a BA in English Literature and an MA in Contemporary Literary Studies. My provisional thesis title is: Voicing and Visualising Identity: The Discursive Figure of ‘Woman’ in Contemporary Poetical and Polemical works of Literature arising from Western Asia
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